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take this blade to my wrists..

..and help me end what makes you ugly

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lives in manalapan.goes to manalapan high school.plays guitar.listens to lots of music.can be dorky.has a caviler king charles spaniel named bently.attempts to skateboard but sucks.wears lots of band shirts and jeans.plays ddr.has add.sleeps with care bear every night.watches fuse and disney channel.loves rollercoasters and rides.likes kissing and making out.likes sex.spends lots of time in bed.sleeps alot.wears lots of black . drives even though i dont have a license or a permit. wears burberry pefume.hates going to school.likes having dreams.loves thinking about you.gets everything she wants.likes going fast in cars.wishes she was loved.scared of neadles and lightning.hates homophobes and liars.

i want someone i can cling on to when im scared. i want someone who will cuddle with me. i want someone who i can kiss and hold hands with and wouldnt care what they looked like. i want someone who loves me for me. i want someone who will leave me random texts saying something cute. i want someone who will be there for me when i need them. i want someone who wouldnt use me. would you be that someone? i love you, you are the world to me and i would so die without you
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